Life begins with a spark. We know that someone is living a good life because their eyes sparkle.

We chose this name because we want people to be sparkling, and trauma is something that blocks us living life to the fullest. 

Trauma affects life in many different ways and to all the population.

The neurobiology of trauma is already well known by many professionals, but this knowledge is not embodied until we have practiced enough for the body to integrate it.
This is where Sparkling comes in!

The training we developed is exactly what this is about; Embodied Learning.
This means, practice, practice, and practice even more to embody this learning.

Probably nothing new in terms of knowledge but exceptional in terms of the way of learning.

You will practice with the best teachers, horses and dogs. Animals that will give real experience, in nature.
You will practice in three different countries, in three safe places. Sometimes out of your comfort zone, and into embodied learning.
We will provide you the possibility to practice through numerous different methods and exercises, guided by three experienced professionals in a two year training. Professionals with a great experience in teaching as with clients and animals.

We have prepared a ‘promenade’ where you will put all your knowledge into practice. Resolving your own obstructions as to be completely free to connect and be present for all clients.

A training based on practice, with three teachers who have different approaches but looking for the same goal.
Going back to sparkling eyes!