Beatrice Garzotto (Italy)

Beatrice graduated in General and Experimental Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology in Padua with the consequent qualification for the profession. Subsequently, starting from 2000, she attended courses and masters in the field of animal assisted therapies and in the field of legal psychology. Her work, which began mainly with dogs and cats, has now been completed with the help of horses Her approach is based on the spontaneous interaction between adolescent / adult and the animal in a non-medical environment where the person is free to express their emotions aided by animals who know how to communicate without censorship, barriers or taboos, forming a team. Compact and professional.
For this she created a place where people can feel as safe as possible to allow their Nervous System to have new experiences

Beatrice continues following intensive professional courses in Italy and in the U.S.A., deepening the knowledge of the horse and dogs with the aim of improving their communication with these beautiful animals, always able to surprise with their instinctive skills of collaboration and help.
In 2016 she completed the Equine Assisted Therapist certification at the Gestalt Equine Institute of Rockies in Colorado and she is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.
In this moment she works with women with Breast Cancer and abused women.

Marta Cirera Baques (Cataluña)

All crisis can be a big opportunity. Marta met the horse when she was divorcing. She discovered horses being highly sensitive (as she is) with a complete different way of communication. She went to Arizona and Colorado where she began her process of learning with the horses. After Coaching and Learning Assisted with horses she studied Somatic Experiencing.
Being a Somatic Experience Practitioner she started to integrate this in her work with horses and dogs.

Marta lives in the countryside with her son and daughter, her 7 horses, 5 dogs and a lot of other animals.

Intensity and sensitivity are two of the most important qualities that most of her clients have. She developed skills and methods to work with that.
She works a lot on violence, addictions and sexual abuse.
She teaches trauma in Barcelona and she works with inmates in prison

Marie Thérèse Corbeij (the Netherlands)

When she quit her job as a trainer and consultant in 2005, and started her own company; Marengo training & coaching with horses. 
She wanted to move people.
Coaching with horses was not known so much and there wasn’t even a school or training. So she started self- educated.
From 2001 she studied the behavior of horses regarding ‘leadership in the herd’. She developed the Natural Leadership model and published about it.
Training leadership for managers was the next step.
The one thing she was afraid of, was to encounter someone with severe trauma. By experience she discovered horses would show the things most important and that it was most of the time not about leadership. It was about what blocked them in being a genuine ‘free person’.
This could be a systemic blockage, or a trauma (with small or capital T).
From 2007 she studied systemic work with horses with Ruud Knaapen, went to America in 2013 to study with Kathy Pike and learned about Peter Levine. Got so interested in the approach of working with the body and how she could use it with the horses. A seed was planted…
Since then she studied with more and more people working from and with the body (among others; Peter Levine, Maggi Kline, Marianne Bentzen and Anna Verwaal).
What was missing, was how to integrate all this work with the horses. This was until she met Marta Cicera in 2017. Her approach of not only regulating the nervous system, but also trigger it (because that is what happens outside in the real world) was what she was looking for.
She continuously keeps studying. She will be finishing her NARM ( Neuro Affective Relational Method to repair developmental trauma) education next year.

Marie Thérèse works a lot on grieve, incest and abuse. In her social works, she works with people in poverty.